Communication nowadays has become easier, faster, better, and even cheaper than ever. Like a human bodyworks, communication also has its own systemworks. Every parts in the system get together as an integration to provide a solid interconnection between nodes. Timur Jaya was established to fulfill the needs of such solution and integration. With a strong background of our experts, Timur Jaya is standing out of the crowds to give its customers only The Best!

Click your solution today and discover great quality..redefined!

IP PBX        Reliable and scalable, this new form of communication combines voice within data traffics.

Wireless        Wireless communication solution by well known makers like Senao, Linksys, and Mikrotik.

Computers        Built your PC or Server today.

Converters        Convert traffic between different protocols efficiently.

Surveillance        When security is more than just a protection, it's a vision.

PLC        New era of data networking plan. Delivers data within power line cables.

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